Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fabric baby blocks

A dreary, warmish, rainy day. thus poor photos!
But I'm not in the mood to retake them, so here ya go!
All those pregnant friends I talked about in the fall are having their babies now. Some prezzies are in order.
The large one was cut at 4.5 square out of cotton fabric. I put a letter C on it for the baby's name, reinforcing it with some heavy iron on interfacing and a small zigzag stitch. I put 3 jingle bells in some mesh, much like an onion bag, sewed it shut and put it inside the stuffing.

The middle size is cut at 4 inches SQ out of fleece. I stitched some shapes on it to give a sort of relief. I like it. To keep the shape of the block when stuffing, I ironed heavy interfacing on the squares before I sewed the shapes and the places together. It works much better than leaving it plain. In this one, I put some beads in a small watchmaker's tin from Lee Valley and taped it shut. it makes a great sound.

The last cube is cut 3 inches SQ, I think. I made it last year when I ordered my first batch of felt from Feltorama. It's a bit of a joke, as when I was making it in the park, the mother of the baby asked what i was doing it for. Why was I making a block? She'll get a chuckle that I had her in mind. At least, i hope so. This one has a cat toy with a bell inside and is stuffed with wool roving.

A few little things to put with a welcome baby gift.



Mandi @ make it dear said...

they look great!

Anya said...

These are awesome!

Amanda said...

adorable! I love the creative way that you added sound. The heavy interface sounds like a simple solution, thanks for the tip!


karen said...

what a great gift. I love the idea of using beads in a small container to make one rattle