Sunday, January 23, 2011

on the work table

A few stolen moments this weekend made this in the lineup"
weaving a mug rug perhaps. Neve got interested in this and did a smash up job.

I scored this crochet tank top at a thrift store last week, wasn't sure what to do with it.

As I was showing my husband, I turned the side seams as middle seams and then the straps made handles for a bag!
Done deal. here's the lining with a few pockets.

Very easy and thrifty.

Working on this project. it's making me loose my confidence as a precise sewer. Never thought I was, but I'm sure I have done better sewing than what the result of this came to be.

And a few bouts of this.. notice how blurry it is? running from it.


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Anonymous said...

I love your fantastic Techni-colour crochet bag! Is it a lovely soft cotton?