Saturday, January 8, 2011

croquets Portuguese style

Every once in awhile, our meat leftovers get to be enough to make croquets. It's a treat to have this Portuguese tradition when my husband makes them.

We grind the meats, in this case, pork tenderloin and a nice pot roast. And don't forget the chourizo. It adds great flavour. Hand grinding makes it that much closer to the rustic days.

Add some kind of oil/ fat to the mixture. this time it was olive oil, but next time, it will be lard. It was kind of dry. 3 eggs for this amount, salt, pepper and some bread crumbs to hold it together.

Here's the shaping...

And rolling it in more bread crumbs.

then comes the deep frying part. I forgot to take pictures at this point, as there were some ready to be eaten. Distractions. Anyhow, here is the presentation picture of the leftovers. Not much. Many consumed at the table with coleslaw and polenta shaped in bricks and pan fried. The parmasean cheese melted deliciously.

have a good one,


hands follow heart said...

Oh look at that! Croquetes... just like we have in Brazil too. Hmmm I bet they taste delicious. Yum.

Beth- the mama bee said...

Those look so good. We used to get them at a cuban place where we used to live in FL. We are so missing all our favorite cuban dishes here in IN. I can make pretty good cuban sandwich, but can't even find the right bread. Think we need to make a special trip back for food! You made me hungry!