Saturday, January 1, 2011

bit of a feast

Well, with New Year's we wanted to shake things up a bit. Not overindulging for Christmas makes it permissible to do it for the New Year.
yesterday, we had raclette. yum. DH prepared and cooked the food first so we could just warm it up and get the cheese melted.

In Sweden, it is common to make a dish of all the things and then shave the raclette cheese on top of that. here, we make little pans of it and put under the element.

roasted, toasted, cheesy goodness.

Because we ate a bit last night, we didn't get to have the fruit I intended as dessert. So today, we had chocolate Fondue. The quickest way to get fruit into the kids!

Like, it was half gone by the time I got my camera.

This guy had no part in it! No, he didn't like it at all. :}

And while we were overdosing on chocolate, DH had a loaf of bread in the oven. So after it cooled off enough to cut, we had a feast of lassy bread! This is a common way to eat homemade bread in Newfoundland, where I grew up. I remember visiting my grandmother in late summer and sneaking the warm bread with molasses on it so my mother wouldn't see. My grandmother would be in on it. That made it more special.
There is great debate on whether you should put the butter on first or the molasses. This piece has the lassy on first so it can soak into the bread and the butter on top so the lassy doesn't slide off. it's a science I tell ya.

Hmm, now I'm hungry again.

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about a girl said...

Looks like you had a load of fun! We had chocolate fondue for our New Years party as well 1 five year old 2 three year olds and a one year old = A HUGE MESS and SERIOUS GOOD TIMES!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Kim Jamieson-Hirst said...

Love raclette and have a raclette maker just like yours! Don't do it very often as the cheese is quite expensive here in Calgary, but a great meal with friends.