Friday, January 21, 2011

Fish Cakes Portuguese style

Two nights ago, we had salt fish for supper (salt cod). A common dish in both Newfoundland (me) and Portuguese (DH) cultures. In our house, that means fish cakes the next day!!!
It's a process much like the Croquetes here

Use leftover fish, potatoes, sometimes the leftover carrots and fresh chopped parsley. Apparently, this is important. An emergency market run was in order to get the parsley!

Mash it all up. We used the potato ricer for the potatoes. it made the cakes very "fluffy" compared to the usual mashed potatoes. nice. 2 spoons are used to shape the cakes into triangle shapes. You don't get to work alone in this kitchen. Always a little sous chef around.

With the fat fryer outside, (really, we don't eat that much fat fried food. just had 2 traditional treats in the same month. that's about all we fry, and hand cut fries) a little queue was getting started inside.

And leftovers the next day. It's hard to sit and eat a proper length meal with this type of food. When the first ones come out, there is a constant dipping into the bowl for more before we even get to the table. Everyone is full by the time we sit down!

We make fish cakes in Newfoundland also. But it is more chunky shaped in a hamburger patty shape and pan fried. My mama makes the best salmon cakes! yum.

And yes, they are even good cold!


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