Monday, January 10, 2011

the olden days

here is the kid's new favorite toy

yep, hubby came home with a rotary phone that was at his work. they were so focused on it. And a learning curve to dial all the way to the end. Remember when you would have to redial all the numbers if you didn't get the rotor all the way to the end. I had a phone number with 2 zeros. Man, mess that up and it was a long time to call home.

We plugged it in, it worked. the kids called their uncle. Then they realized they were stuck where they were. No wandering or bringing the phone to someone else. Remember that phones used to have their own table and a chair? We should have called it. I'm sure the bell ringing will bring some reactions.

Continuing on with our trip down memory lane, here is my grandmother's knitting needle case

I haven't opened it up in a few years. I remember taking all the big needles out back then.

I was wondering why my nan had so many of the same sized needles and then remembered that she used to teach classes at the community college. I think she was a senior then. Oh to talk to her now that I'm in the sewing frame of mind. she made so many wonderful things. I'm sure there would be many tips.

It's nice to own some of her treasures. I always felt special as I was her namesake.

thanks for looking,


about a girl said...

Hehe. We had one very similar to that when I was a kid and a green one I think.
Hard to believe how much times have changed hey!
To answer your question. I'm a flute/piccolo player. I played professionally in an orchestra for nine years and then took off to England to find my husband and have my daughter : )

Creative Mom said...

That brings me back. We had an old rotary phone as well, I wish my Mom had saved it. I also have my Grandmothers knitting needle holder I wish I could put a picture in my comment. Thanks for sharing.

c'est moi! heather at whimsy dot blog said...

love the phone! i have been wanting to get one for when the electricity goes out. plus i just think they're cool. and it's lovely that you have your grandmother's needles, what great memories they must conjure. cheers~

Cheryl said...

I have my Grandmother's big sewing box, with bits and pieces in it. I love using them as I know she was so talented. Yep, we had a phone like that. I have a toy version that my children love to play with.

Anonymous said...

I bet that phone has a lovely weight to it, and an odd smell. Our Olive green one always smelled a little "off"
How can you dial without seeing the numbers that you have already dialled? What a wonderful treasure.