Tuesday, March 27, 2012

enough about the chicken

I'm done with the chicken.
But here is another pic and the linkwhere I got the tutorial from. Yes, it is much fun to make. yes, the children enjoyed playing with them.
I used popcorn in it instead of a dried bean or rice. They are not meant to be heat bags, so I used popcorn in case they should get wet. I mean, imagine, if you used rice or beans and it got wet. It would probably sprout! So popcorn it is.

Now on to this beauty.

The felting is tight and thick. Which leads me to believe that it may have come from Nepal.

Oh look, there are 2 of them!

On a what??@@!!!!!!????!!!

yes, big honkin' orange flowers on purple slippers!

And a nicely done bottom. they do keep the cold out. Do you like my newly sanded and varnished floors? I heart my new floors.

Here's the slipper on my foot. Yes, it's a bit grotesque, but they are mine (only $2.99) and I adore the workmanship. They are loved. :}

Thanks for lookin'


momof3girls said...

I love the little chickens. I know my youngest daughter would enjoy playing with them. Oh, and the 'big honkin' flowers are cute too! Hope you enjoy them.

Jennie Garde said...

I LOVE your slippers, Amanda! Really you made them??? Do you sell them somewhere?