Thursday, January 6, 2011

wet felted heart soaps and a bit of a how to....

Keep reading, I've added a bit of a tutorial.
Rushing out the door for kid pick up, but wanted to leave you with some eye candy. Actually, wet felted goodness... all the same isn't it?

K, I'm back. I like the rhythm that comes from wet felting. First I needle felt the shape. Then to boil the kettle, take the projects to the sink, getting the tray with window screen on it. I once used bubble wrap, but prefer the non-metal window screen. Pour a bowl of cold water and one of hot water and put them in the sink. I use at least one rubber glove (the kind for washing dishes)so I don't burn my hand with the hot water. ( you only need to learn that lesson once)

With just a dab of soap on my finger tip, I put it on the wool and then drip a bit of hot water from my fingers and pat the soapy part. Rub with my hands for a little and then get it wetter and rub it on the window screen. After the wool starts to take a bit of shape, usually it feels like it's getting bigger, and soapy from the soap, I dunk it in the bowl of cold water to shock it and then back into the hot. A few rounds of that and some rubbing on the screen in between. It really starts to mold to the shape of the soap by now. When I am satisfied, a rinse under the tap finishes it off and a wrap in a towel to absorb some of the water. If you rinse the soap and then squeeze that water out, you get more soapy water. i've learned to just give up trying to wash the soap out and let it be. After all, it is soap. I put it on top of our hot water radiator to dry overnight. I'm always surprised how light the soap is after it's all dry.

This time, I used a glycerin soap by Dial. It is cranberry scented, nice for Valentine's day. I did buy some olive oil soap from Palestine at our church. It is all natural, but I think I'm just going to use it in the shower rather than as a hand soap. It really is lovely.
Oh, yes, I suggest using roving that has not been dyed. The white is natural, I also use grey and put on white embellishment. The pink dye does not run and I'm thinking the light blue will not either. The bold, intense colours that I have do run, so are not suggested for wet felted soap. Unless, you want to see the dye in the water when you wash your hands. Not me.

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Brynn said...

This is a cute idea. I was just trying to think of a little special something I could give my little person for V-day. Thanks. :)