Monday, January 31, 2011

And the winner is.....

#25! (as chosen by my husband)
Anna from annabranfordwho said
"Ooh how lovely! What a gorgeous giveaway :)"

Congrats Anna!
Thanks for playing everyone. I'll have another some time soon. Bit of weekend fun.

Go check out Anna's blog. Nice things there.

It is sooo cold here! Wishing I had a fireplace. Winter storm warnings. ooo, I remember what a real storm was where I grew up on the coast of Newfoundland. Power out, neighbours over, eating food from the woodstove/fireplace or coleman propane stove. Kids playing outside during the day digging snow tunnels and forts. Yep, fun times. Now here, in this big city of Toronto, everyone is still expected to go to work. You dig out your street parking spot, leave and come back to find it with someone else's car in it. Yep, no fun here. But I have a friend from Nova Scotia coming to visit for a few days and a clean sewing room to get inspired in with many cups of tea!

Stay tuned!


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anna said...

Thank you so much Amada - you have utterly made my day :)