Monday, June 8, 2009

cup sleeve

I found this years gift for teachers on this great blog Love the ideas here.

I added a bag and put a matching pocket. I think anyone in Toronto would appreciate a trendy grocery bag and a matching cup cozy. Our mayor got a law passed that shoppers must pay 5 cents for each plastic bag at any retail store! I used to leave mine in the car, now I don't even leave the house without one, in case I run into a store.

Last week we went to a farmer's market. It's great around here. They are rotating. We can catch a market from Tuesday to Saturday within a 5-10 minute drive. Last week's visit was also at a farm, in the middle of the city. We took a lovely walk around and felt like we were in the country. In the middle of it all, Neve says, "mama, this is a great day!" And we have some pictures to show it! I would like to make a scrap page of this day,but I think i'll enlarge some of them to replace the 3 year old ones in our stairwell. :}

So this is my new obsession. Cup sleeves. Must go and finish a beach bag.

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