Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a card! a card!

I had to make a card tonight to go with the prezzie for my mother in law's bday. Isn't it all matchy poo? lol

I made a matching cup holder to complete the ensemble.

It's been lovely here the last few days. We have moved into the yard! It's more of a bowling alley, but we love it none the less. Lucky to have a corner lot in this tightly built neighbourhood. Yes, that is an albacore boat behind the tree. It has since been returned to it's club. Yeah. more room to play.

I told the kids I would take them to the splash park today, but reneged when i realized I didn't have the car with car seats. so instead, I brought out the sprinkler on the front lawn.

My daughter wanted nothing to do with it in the beginning, but then was all over it! She even sucked some up her nose!

It was well received and has been requested for our guests tomorrow.

That's all that's happening in our world. Only 2 more days of school and only 4 more sleeps before Portugal! countdown is on and the shopping is in full swing. ugh.

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