Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok, so our full house is not so full anymore. We had 6 extra people here for a bit. It was great fun. It's always so nice when you find like minded parents and kids that get on well together. especially when you've met them for the first time!

So here is a great outside (or inside) activity. We did this when I looked after 2 extra kids for the day. 6 Silly kids playing in the yard. It was the perfect day with everyone sitting on blankets for a picnic lunch and much playing in the yard. Yeah summer!

ok, on to the goop....

I'm not sure of the correct ratio, but you take corn starch and add coloured water to it and mix. It is so cool. If you move it around, it's wet, you can pick it up, roll it into a ball, but when you stop, it falls into a wet mush. Really try it! And it washes off with only water. you don't even have to scrub. It was one of the 1st messy things I allowed my children to do at home.

here are a few tips:
Mix food colouring or paint into the water and pour it into the cornstarch.
Mix the coloured water with a utensil. If you mix it with your hands at this stage, you may get coloured hands.
Find things to put in the goop. We used the things from our frozen treasures of last year. Anything plastic, little things from kindereggs, keys, marbles, money, beads, decorative rocks from floral vases, foamie animals, plastic dinos, fish, you name it. It is all fun to bury and find. We also use strainers, tea balls, spoons, scoops. use your imagination. There was a goop covered pompom in the grass for a bit. it always took me off guard when I saw it, trying to figure out what it was....

Hoping to get back to some kind of creating routine. Got a coffee shop down the street that wants to sell my cup sleeves exclusively. Yeah!! Gotta make some of those. Gotta gotta finish the beach bag!!!!!!!! Off for a sailing regatta next week, then when school gets out, off to Portugal for 2 weeks!!!!!! We are so excited. I'll blog about it like I did last year.

busy busy. Hope you have nice weather to enjoy also!

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Mama King said...

Looks fun! Kind of Mad Scientist!