Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cute embellishment

A friend of mine brought a cute skirt to my attention a few months ago and I've been wanting to try this little embellishment ever since. (cut and paste, people)
Don't you just love her stuff??? I got lost in there for some time. yumm.

So when I bought a ton of plain t-shirts, I decided to embellish it. Only one of many ideas to come.

I love how it raveled after the wash. And of course, buttons buttons buttons. I have such a huge stash right now, it will take, like, for- evuh to use them all. I think I see a button picture frame in the future.

Man, it is HOT here. Spent most of the day outside again. until about 4 pm, the yard is nicely shaded. then it's time to move inside and ugh about how messy it is and get into cleaning mode. popsicles and freezies are our friends. I must make some juice ones to feel healthy about it all. :}

hope all is well where you are....

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