Wednesday, June 17, 2009

who's got the button?

We are in button heaven here. After a trip to 3 Zellers, my visit to wallymart proved fruitful. So fruitful that I bought 2 bags o buttons. I mean really, 3 bucks for a bag of delight? Really. I just had to do it twice! And I don't like wasting sewing time to look for a product!
The kids were so excited when I opened the bag, my son gave up playing Wii tennis with his dad to sort and find treasures! We all have our piles on the 1st sort and will have another sort again tomorrow.
I have a new sewing project I've been requested to try and then I've designed a new bag in my head repurposing hubby's jeans. Which he reluctantly will give up when I hem his new ones. Seriously, his old ones have holes in the front leg from all the money he carries in his pockets! HARHARHARHARHAR I crack me up.

best be off to bed,
Thanks for looking,

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