Saturday, April 26, 2008

teacher gift

I'm pumped about this project. it worked like I thought it would.
A few years ago, when I first started teaching, ok, so it was many years ago in my early teaching years.....
I was given an eraser with a tole painted flower on it. Remember tole painting? And it was forest green and dusty rose.. does that put it in a time perspective?! lol

I saw these naked erasers at the dollar store and knew I wanted to do something with it. I thought for days on how to decorate it without having to use paper and modgepodge and stamping and layering paper and it's all gonna fall off or get ripped....
Then I had a lightbulb moment! Embossing powder. And voila, here it is. I went back to the store and bought up the rest to play with. I'm going to try a few male looking ones.

The image is Essence of Love from Stampin' Up Occasions Mini. I think I'll redo the card and put it on a brown background with the image in pink like the eraser, or just make it brown on white. I know the current card doesn't really do what I want it to.

Thanks for looking,

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