Thursday, April 3, 2008

hero birdies

This was fun. I only had a short time to play and hadn't unpacked all of my stuff from the Church session.
One of the ladies stamped this combo in a monocromatic scheme. I just loved it. I bought the bird a few weeks ago and hadn't inked it yet. Didn't know what to do. So I thank you, Vicki for the inspiration.

Next I coloured on the flower with the markers. Love being able to do this. I want to try the colouring on stamps with markers and misting before stamping on watercolour paper technique. How's that for a long sentence!

And then in a different colour scheme. I did a little dry embossing at the edges with my envelop-per. it has grids so you can make your own envelopes. Great tool for that difficult sized card.
I think I'll make a bunch of these as a gift pack and put them in an altered tin. Or, maybe I should buy a few more of the birds first, and an owl... hmm.
I'm going to Da bella's store this weekend to take a class. Yes, that's Emmabella of . I'm so excited. I'm sure I'll buy a goodie or 2 there also.

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