Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ginger notebook

whew! I survived the large crowd at my Church's craft morning. We did 3 projects and the ladies worked really hard on them. It was fun. A large number of them let loose on card making. no specifics, no guidelines and no proper glue!, well, not enough proper glue. I only brought partial 3 bottles. What was I thinking for 30 women? lol Dorothy to the rescue! Thanks Dorothy! You're a gem. I may have converted a few of them.

So this little notebook came from the dollarstore. I think there were 4 to a pack. Just a piece of paper from the scrap box for the front and a little ribbon and stamp. Think next time, I'll make the mat black for a bit of pop,

Must make a few cards for my upcoming class on Sunday, so stay tuned.

Thanks for looking,

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