Monday, July 2, 2012

Bubble Gum Flower

My friends received a bouquet of gum ball flowers last week. We got to take one home.
It uses the sticks for holding balloons that can be readily found in dollar stores.

 Mini gum balls around the outside and a large one in the middle. 

 Then wrapped in cellophane to keep it all together.

To take one out without letting all the gum balls fall, we made a little hole. It lasted for about 2 gum ball removals, then it just fell apart. When you have a few of these together with varying colour combinations, it is quite effective. 

Our move is less than 2 weeks away. I have to get packing again next week.
I got some new photos of our new house from the agent. Here is one of my favorites. On the right hand bottom, you can see the little pond. We're hoping to add some fish and a water feature to keep the water moving. The little foot path on the left hand bottom is cute too. We can't wait to explore! There are some fruit trees and I want to add some berry bushes. I think we'll just buy up all the left overs at the garden centre. :}

Happy Canada Day!!!!


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