Sunday, July 8, 2012

Open Zippered Pouch and a bunting

 I got to sew the other day. This is the second  Open Wide Zippered Pouch from Noodlehead that I made. 

The tutorial is very good indeed. I think I actually learned to sew a zipper with one of her tutorials. Once you sew your first zipper, there's no going back. The fabric is and Ikea tea towel. Nice weight to it.
And in other sewing news I did not create... My friends had a surprise good bye party for me before school ended. They made a bunting for my new house. I love buntings and imagine I will have tons of them throughout the woods and grounds of our house. So this is a good start.
 But it's kind of a sad bunting with all of it's "good bye", "we'll miss you" messages on it. But a treasure none the less. The blue pieces are what other people brought. There was no coordination of what colour to bring. Cool wha? And I'm loving the CN Tower.

 And this week, the nose to the ground packing starts. Well, maybe I'll have some breakfast first.

Have a good one,

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