Monday, July 16, 2012

On packing it all in

 Well, we are officially homeless at the moment. Our Toronto house is in the hands of the new owners and we get our Shelburne house on Wednesday. Us? We are in Montreal. Of course.
So here's the truck that is hopefully cruisin' down the Trans-Canada highway with all our worldly possessions.
It's longer than the house. And the driver is very skilled.
 Here, it has our 12 foot hard top camper. They built a wall around it and kept stacking. (look to the right. On the bottom. See the car bumper sticking out of the driveway?)
 Then they drove in the 16 foot Dodge Magnum. See why I said worldly possessions?
 They built a ceiling above it and kept packing.
 This is what it looked like when all the little bits that didn't fit like Tetris were left over.
 So long Highfield.

Hello Transvaal. We'll see you in a few days with a mop and a paint roller!
To my friends... love ya all! More later. hugs


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Karen U said...

Brings back memories of moving. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Your new house looks beautiful and you will have much fun setting it all up, I'm sure.
It's going to be strange coming home to a Toronto without Amanda Pedro. Miss you already!