Saturday, July 28, 2012

All in a day

As I've been doing for the past week, I arose early and went for a bike ride about town. Today, I took my camera, I mean cell phone/crappy camera.
Here is one tall ship on the town wharf.
 The Water in the harbour was very still this morning.
 This is the old Railway bed that has been made into a trail. Just above my house. It proves to be a very peaceful way to go home from the top of the town.
 I then went to meet the children at their Optimist sailing class. I was a little too late to see them in action.
 Neve looks like she had a great time and rafael wanted to go back in right away. They are in a sailing class next week, so I'm sure they will get their fill. Maybe.
 I took a little sneak to the Farmer's market held at Guild Hall. This building was built for the movie Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore. It is directly behind the Cox Warehouse. 
Perfect setting for a Farmer's Market.
 Here's a look at the bake table.. I did buy a few things today. Must have had a sweet tooth.
 And some produce brought in from the Annapolis Valley. Those plums were so ripe and juicy. The kids had their fill.
 Here's a Motley Crew waiting for some direction.
 Ah, looks a little more organized. At least they're all wearing the same uniform. Kinda.
 Clearly, these men have been given some orders.
 Then back to the sailing club where the children decided to go for a swim. I heard Rafael yelling as I was approaching. Apparently, the water was a bit cold. Neve just jumped in. I've never seen so many emotions on her face in such a short nano second. It was the 1st time she just jumped into the water without testing it first. What a trooper.
 The kids hung out here most of the time, but still went in a few more times.
 Here are the rest of the tall Ships docked at the Government Wharf. I wish they had put up some sails. We'll go visit it tomorrow.
 You still here? Once home, Rafael did a little climbing in our apple tree.
 And we got daddy to hang the hammocks. I bought this sitting one years ago, but the tree in Toronto wasn't a good tree for hanging. We did anyway, but I really wanted a lying down hammock. Wanted one for years, decades. So today, I went out and bought a parachute hammock, I figured it would be easier to wash, and you can just fold it up into the attached pocket when you go camping. SOLD.
 This is my view in the front yard. Well, I do tend to suffer a bit from motion sickness.. yep, I had to keep still, very, very still. :}
 After all that, ( it was still only mid afternoon) Henry took the kids to a friend's house and I started to paint my studio to get rid of the dusty rose colour. 
Then we made supper. And cleaned up and watched some netflix with the kids. yep, ready for bed myself. 
I love when you hit the sack with a weary body from a busy day.
There will probably be much of the same tomorrow.

Have a good one,

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Anonymous said...

What a busy day! It all looks lovely. I love the hammock, I've always wanted one too. :)