Sunday, July 22, 2012

checking in


No pics today. I've been taking them, but I don't have internet at home yet. Just crashing at my friend's place, where my computer doesn't connect to WiFi, but Henry's does.

We've been unpacking boxes and setting up shop. My parents and uncle are here, so it's lovely to have the extra company and to have the children tended to!

Shelburne just had it's Founder's Days Festival. It was 4 days of 18th Century Encampment re-enactment, parade of boats with lights, car shows, burning of the pirate boats, etc. Great fun. I did take some cell phone photos that I'll post later.

We've been exploring around our grounds. The kids found a little trail, we have a fire pit and a deer and 2 fawns have been spotted a few times at our front. The frogs kept me awake for a few nights, but I don't notice them now. It's really lovely here. I'll wake up in a few weeks.

Hope all is well where you are.....

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