Thursday, July 26, 2012

Founder's Days Festival

As mentioned in my last post, we visited the Founder's Days Festival in Shelburne, NS a few times last weekend. Here we are going to the festivities. (Note: the building with the steeple is the Cox Warehouse, where we hope to have the brewery. It is very prominent in all the waterfront photos.)

 These tents are part of the 18th century camp re-enactment.

Here's a cook up. 

Another part of the camp.

Fife and drums without the drums.

 The soldiers are bringing the pirate to shore. I kept missing them so would only get this shot of the back of them. Believe me, the pirate was worthy of Johnny Depp!

The long boats are getting ready to burn the pirate ship.

Ship aflame! SHIP aflame!

A lovely day! A lovely event. This weekend, the Tall ships are coming from Halifax for a visit! That should be impressive!Link here


All in all, we've been busy unpacking (when the mood strikes) and had my parents and uncle as overnight guests. We've hosted 13 people here for dinner with room to spare in the dining room, a rocking kitchen party with dancing and spoon playing and cooked up fresh mackerel on the fire pit along with some marshmallows. A doe and 2 fawns live here and we've seen them 4 times.

As we've said, we're living in a cottage like house and surroundings in a post card town. How lovely is that! (yes, I still miss my friends)


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