Wednesday, January 4, 2012

smell the newness

I've set up my machine. I love her. I must give her a name.....

Did I tell you I bought her here? At Sewing World, where the customer service is amazing. Tell Teresa I sent you!
My favorite, I didn't know I needed/wanted/what I was missing things on this baby,
Variable speed: this baby can go really fast! It's great for straight sewing. like the curtains I have to sew this afternoon. Looking forward to that run it through without thinking.
Needle Position: you can end with the needle up or down. every time. Handy. it took a bit of an adjustment to wait for the needle to go back up. but I'm used to it now. I do need to work on sewing in a small circle. Now that the needle doesn't just stop, my circle is not even. Not sure how to go about this. When i really need it, guess I'll work on it then.
One touch button hole maker: need I say more? I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure I will.
Noise level: it is pretty quiet and smooth. nice for late night sewing. The kids room is directly below me with a grate in the floor.
Anything that will help with the noise level is a bonus for me/them.
A brute: Sewing thick mittens has not been a problem. Flows like butter. The arm can also lift higher for extra thick things. nice.
Auto Needle Threader: Yep, just pull over a little thingamabob and it threads for you. Now i don't have to bother with finding my glasses if it's a quick trip upstairs.
Warranty: There is a 2 year everything warranty. Then a 17 year warranty for something else. i have to check the fine print.
Classes: I get free classes for life! (a deal from the place where I got it. Probably not the case elsewhere) I will sure go a few times to see what other amazing stitches it has.
Stitches: blind hem, serging? really? maybe I can sell my serger? and a triple zig zag stitch. Auto bobbin tension. and it doesn't need oiling.

There ya go. A few things of note upon using it for 1 day.
Here's the 1st thing I made.

ooo, so complicated! :}


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Stitched Together said...

I love my Janome too. All those things you listed are my favourite things too. The needle threader is the best thing ever! I can sew while the Other Half is watching tv even with the adjoining doors open - yay!