Monday, January 23, 2012

Niagra Falls magic

This weekend, my father in law treated us all to a trip to Niagra Falls. We had a great time in the hotel overlooking the falls.
Here's the view from our room window:

It was early morning and the sun poked out for a few minutes.

It wasn't too cold, but it created lots of ice and mist. Magical.

Here's the view of the American Falls.

We also got treated to "Journey Behind the Falls" none of us had ever done it before. It wasn't as I expected, but interesting none the less. We were happy it wasn't summer with the lines, humidity and heat.

They have small portals to look out, just next to the falls.

Here's a look at the other side.

We travelled further along the tunnel to some openings.

The rushing water was amazing. It was behind the falls. It's hard to see with all the white, but it is water. falling. Over 1.5 million bathtubs worth of water falls every second. Now that's a lot of water.

Mind numbing, the facts they give you.

Incredible nature.

It was nice to see it in the winter time.
And it was a good weekend with family.

Have a good one,

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Wendy Sice said...

Oh, what an amazing experience! Definitely on my bucket list. xx