Thursday, January 12, 2012


My boy turned 8 today!

8 Trips around the sun. 8 wonderful years of growing.
My sensitive boy.
My energetic boy.
My competitive boy to do his best in sports.
My running boy.
My boy who likes to dance freely to various musical styles.
My boy who likes to play video games.
My boy who likes to help cook.
My boy who likes to play with his sister.
My boy who says, "I love you" to his sister and draws her pictures.
My boy who stands still next to me, waiting for a hug.
My boy who has brought so much to our lives. A laugh, giggle, snort. Not always in that order.
Happy Happy.

Happy Birthday Rafael. You are much loved by many.


Sarah Pendergrast said...

Happy Birthday Rafael! Great photos - he's so handsome! Good weeing you yesterday - I look forward to seeing how you use your machine :)

Sarah said...

I meant seeing,....