Monday, January 9, 2012

cat puppet

Last fall, I made this

for a birthday present for a 1 year old. (Pattern from Betz White's Warm Fuzzies)
I've decided that it will be THE gift for 1 year olds. I seem to have a few of them in my life these days.
This one's for Caleb...A cool cat who started walking at 9 months! 9 Months! The third child. This little bitty thing, walking/teetering/falling/getting back up and going on again, 9 months. Too little to see if you weren't looking down! Bless his mama. My nerves would be shot! :}

Ahhh, look at that stitching and the fibres of the wool. Isn't it bea.u.ti.ful? It makes me feel calm. You too? Or am I just weird? ( please don't answer if you're one of my non-crafting friends who's eyes glaze over when asked about my new sewing machine! lol)

I made the tongue from 2 pieces of 100% wool felt. I sewed them together in a tongue shape, then cut it out from the rectangle.

He's a happenin' dude doncha think?

Next time, I'll show you the cool pink doggie from the same book.

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