Thursday, January 19, 2012

pluggin' along

I'm very late with a newborn present for my friend who's baby was born last fall. But I wanted to do something with a little extra oompf, as i know she will appreciate the extra time. I've decided to make a better version of my
Eensy Spider block

I'm taking my time and making extra stitches. I want this project to be for me. Not a rush to get something into some one else's hands and check it off the list.
Oh, and when you leave your camera lying around, you never know what will show up. Like I said, Club Penguin is big around here.

It's a raging snow storm outside. I don't know how long it is to last, but I'm home a lone, in the silence and warmth and will now go to my sewing room to create.

have a good one,

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