Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 little kittens have found their mittens

Here's another thing to cross of the list. Mittens!

I mean, there's only a few months left of winter right? right?

This mitten pattern comes from Betz White's book Warm Fuzzies
And a hat to go with the mittens,. The jury is still out on this hat. it makes me laugh because it is so quirky. And yes, it does look like an upside down sweater. I think I'll take the side points off and make it a straight line.

I had fun trying different sizes, materials ( felted sweaters, cotton sweaters, and fleece) and edging. I serged a pair with right sides out so I wouldn't have to turn them. It's the orange blue yellow pair. Kinda cute. Kinda looks like an oven mitt.

I do want to adjust the thumb pieces though. The placement of the thumb is a little off side so the mitten twists. Hopefully I can figure it out. If I do, I'll be serious about buying wool sweaters and everyone is getting mittens for Christmas next year. And I have to do them now, while the joy of mittens is still in me!

thanks for looking,


Bailey said...

These are cute! The hat looks cozy too :)

Creative Mom said...

So cute! Are you using regular thread or stretchy nylon when surging?