Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moon Landing

A little friend of mine had a birthday yesterday. I wanted to make something special for his great imagination..

We have landed.

A bit of fleece and some swirls of the sewing machine, you have a good moon landing.

One that has it's own carrying case...

Prepare for take off..

Blast off!

And you can hang it while you go off on another adventure!

Happy Birthday K!!! Hope you had a wonderful, adventure filled day!

Have a good one,


Jenny said...

Love the case! Can you do a post on different carriers that you make...or have yet to make up for various kids toys? There are so many little things that would benefit from a play and cinch bag like this!

Do you think that would work as a laundry bin? Get kids to throw clothes at a "targets" light/dark...cinch and go?

momma rae said...

you are so creative and talented!!! this is a lovely gift for any child. i would be overjoyed to have this show up at my son's bday party!

Anonymous said...

What a super smart idea! My son is really into the whole space thing right now and it also happens to be the theme of the month in his Kindergarden class... I should try my hand at making something like this for him :) Thanks for sharing your great ideas!