Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays and Tea

Today, we took a detour from thrifting in favour of fabric shopping, but I still have some to show you from last week.

Happy Bowls! aren't they marvelous? The only thing on them is that they are made in Japan. One bowl has a sticker that says it is imported by Abbott. In a search, there are many stores where their housewares are sold. In little boutiquey, upscale shops.

Pretty good for a half price day and the spoons. Only 3, but I'll take them.

I also picked up this organizer.

Folds up neatly with 6 compartments. The felt, button thing is from my button win from Little Fish Studios. (see a few posts below)

yep, good for a few buttons.

Thanks for looking,

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Aim said...

I love those Orange bowls! What a great find!