Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well, we went to the Creativ Festival on Friday. We were so excited. We were looking for roving and needle felting stuff. we found nada. I would have been disappointed with the whole thing, but one spot made me very happy.
Mad About Patchwork She had a bin of ends of bolts. 10 cents an inch! How cool is that? Because I sew little things, it was perfect for my desire to have much of everything. And I didn't even have to match the fabrics. it's already done. She had a 7 week challenge for herself to make 7 Christmas gifts out of 4.5 metres of fabric. It's under her blog.
I haven't taken pics of the fabric, but here are the threads when I took it out of the washer! oh boy.

What to make, what to make with such lovely designs and colours? Well, there were some swatches of a soft flannel that was needing attention. So I made Maisie from More Softies only a mother could love

She's so soft. I used eco fill to stuff her. I wanted to use wool, but I have to card it first. Lazy me. It was easy to do the face and so fast to put it all together.

She is loved. Here is Miss Neve all sad. Don't worry. She's having an off day. All we asked her to do is take her coat off. Right now, she's wailing b/c we asked her for the umpteenth time to put the game away before she takes out another one. Oh the joys.

We printed off a bunch more patterns of the same book, so stay tuned. An orange gnome will be next.

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Pam said...

That was fast! Glad you loved the fabrics and Maisie is too cute!