Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rug hooking

And now, for something completely different....

I bought this kit in Nova scotia this summer, as I was smitten with all the little works I saw in the various tourist shops. I just had to try it. The kit came with 2 pictures to make, the wool yarn and the hook. The hook, OH MY the hook. it hardly had a hook on it. I tried for a few days to make a go of it and couldn't believe that I was having trouble making a go at this crafty endeavour. I mean, I only try to do things if I think I will be successful or have a short learning curve. Why couldn't I do this?

I lugged this kit everywhere with me and was obsessed to make it work. I couldn't figure out how they could sell a completed one in the stores for only 10 bucks and it was taking me forever to do a short row. In the playground one day, one of the dads came to pick up the wee one. He said his mother was a hooker. (in the nicest way possible). I expressed my frustration and determination. He looked at my hook and declared it to "not have a hook" AMEN! So I went home and got my trusty crochet hook. Success!!!

So now, I have a more completed patch. No, I don't know what I'll do with it. Maybe I'll give it to my mother, so she can figure out what to do with it. :} It's not consistent, and oh boy, don't dare look at the back. But I'm learning and I have another one to make better.

Here is a star ornament I also bought in NS. This one is already completed.

Darling isn't it?

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Sarah P. said...

I almost bought that same ornament in Mahone Bay! Good on you for trying the hooking!