Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costume ramblings

Oh my. My son wants to be Alvin the Chipmunk for Halloween. I've given him many chances to change his mind. His friend is going as Mario or Luigi. He didn't even bite to be those. Nope. He wants to be Alvin. Good Glory! The costume has to be ready for Friday. I'm going out tomorrow night. When's that all going to happen?

Here's the other problem, there is more than one kind of cotume for Alvin over the years. Here is the one I was thinking of and went out an bought a women's sweater to refashion:
turtle neck Alvin

but in the last movie, he was wearing this hoodie and no hat...
Hoodie Alvin

He has a faded red hoodie with a zipper and writing on the front. Here are my options for this one, I have red fleece. Cut out a panel and put a yellow fleece A on it. Are the kids still going to know who he is? He's not even wearing pants for goodness sakes!! What's a mother to do? I guess I'll have to put some kind of face makeup on him, But it would have to be in the morning and it will be a mess by the time the party starts in the after noon. and what if the other kids don't dress up until after lunch? Oh dear. I'm lost here. I'm proud he is confident to be something out of the loop, but... oh well, I've said it all above. And I'm going out tomorrow afternoon and into the night.

Little Missy wants to be tinkerbell. She tried on the tinkerbell-like dress we scored upon a month ago. Even down to the wings and arm bands. Arm bands? Anyhow, with the addition of a leotard and tights, she'll be good for Friday.

Stay tuned for the Alvin thing...
here's hoping you're having better luck with the costumes in your house,

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Bailey said...

I made my own costume for Halloween. I sewed up a yellow dress and painted black Mickey mouse ears on it. I also made cardboard glasses, and I was Lady Gaga. I have to wear it tomorrow for the party. Happy Halloween! :D