Saturday, October 30, 2010

fleece coat

I finally got a picture of this coat I made last month. I bought the fabric about 8 years ago to make some ponchos! I bought the pattern for this coat last year. Glad I waited as she grew so much this summer. I also made it in size 6 instead of 5. i think she'll get a few years out of it.

Here's a close up. I love the fleece. there is embroidery in it. The "buttons" are because I was too lazy to make button holes. Actually, Neve and I went to look for buttons, but didn't see anything we liked. until we were out the door. I need to put pockets in the side. She HAs to have pockets in the sides. :}

Her tinkerbell costume is underneath. so it's puffed out. She's a social butterfly. Waving to her people.

HAve a good one!

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