Friday, October 15, 2010

more remakes

A friend of mine gave me some of her fabric stash to make some crayon wallets. I believe the felt is actually wool felt. not a wool blend like I use. it is so heavenly. i think i may be converted in my next felt purchase. like buttah...
And the print. oh gosh, how adorable is that? sorry, don't know what it is.

I bought the pattern for the Crayon Wallet from Jcasa

So I just HAD to make a little zippy wallet with the leftovers. (sorry for the fuzzy photos, didn't realize they were until now and the wallets are gone)

SOme cupcake fabric from Joann's. Zippy wallet tutorial can be found over at Noodlehead. it's so easy to make.
I can do them in my sleep now. and it's where I learned to do zippers.

another shot of the crayon wallets and zippy wallet.

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