Monday, November 1, 2010

have you been to Ikea?

the last thing you get to at the end of the store is the christmas Section. I have to say, quietly, I was excited to see it. shh.
And so excited to see the theme this year. Last year's didn't excite me much. But this year!!!!! GNOME CITY!

Aren't they the cutest? It's felt! (well, not the good stuff) but it's felt! agghhhh. Comes in a package of 6. And there is matching paper!

Too much I tell ya.

This felt star is a tree topper for only $1.99! Almost as good as giving them away. :} you know what I imagine them as?? A very large ornament with our names embroidered on them. can you see it? You will when I get it done.

So it was a good visit to Ikea. plus the obligatory visit to the snack shop. a few lovelies there too.

And now to switch back to Halloween, here is the Alvin costume. A red t-shirt with a yellow A over the red hoodie. Yeah refashion. And his dad's hat with the red panel and A to cover up the logo. There was a little fleece tail on the back too. People were shouting out to him all day... "ALVIN!"

We had a great night trick or treating and seeing our neighbours. A lady on the corner hires a fire breather every year and it is a main event. ooohs and aahhhs.
Hope you had a good one,


TwigandToadstool said...

My GOD!!!! I'm SO going to Ikea!
xo maureen

Hallie said...

As much as I love Ikea, I find it to be a bit over welming and need to detox when we leave! lol I might just have to brave the crowds again tho to get my hands on more gnomes!

I have given you the Versatile Blogger award...please stop by for more details!