Thursday, May 20, 2010


WOW! Never did I think I would receive so many great comments. I'm feelin' the love people! Thanks so much.
Umm, I said in my original post that we would choose a number out of a hat. Well, with 405 comments, I wasn't about to write out all the numbers. So it was.

Trish said...
"Cute giveaway!
I'm from Elvis country, Memphis, TN."

Trish, I'm sending you an email to get your snail mail. Give me till Tuesday to get your parcel in the mail. It's a long weekend here.

Thanks so much to everyone who commented. I have a few projects in the works. Just need photos. So come back and see what I've been up to. To some of you, see you on the next giveaway!
cheers and thanks for looking,


angelina said...

well, i just love your skirt and that princess::::: you are a crafting genius. i'm in for the next giveaway!

Trish said...

oh my word!!! YAY!!!