Sunday, May 2, 2010

sheep stuff part deux

After the sheep were shorn, they were shepherded by the border collie. They had different ages of dogs to show the various stages of training. Some of the younger dogs were way too excited. Fun to watch.

Neve was drawn to the carding mat. She was very intense in her work.

The next thing was to make some yarn on the drop spindle. This spindle was made by a friend of the demonstrator and she sold it to me for $3!! awesome. The kids gave it another go when we got home.

Rafael decided to try his hand at the spinning wheel. The demonstrator was very patient with him. It's harder than it looks.

And finally, here is their end product. They carried that piece of yarn around all day and then again today.

Makes me proud that they have an interest in this. Next fall, once Missy is in school, I'm hoping to join the group that meets there in the afternoon. You can use their equipment, but have to bring your own projects. No problem. It will be fun to learn.

I hope I get hit by the " I wanna sew" bug soon. I haven't made anything in days.....

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