Sunday, May 30, 2010

sheep fleece

What is it??

A dirty dirty sheep fleece. Word of warning, if you're going to buy a sheep fleece, open it up first. man oh man. But for 10 bucks, I couldn't resist. silly me.

Here's what 2 soaks in the washer did...

Not bad. I cut out a bunch of the matted tips. hopefully it is mud? Not sure what to do with this now. It's not really clean. I hardly had enough time at home to do this. I'm going to use it for stuffing, so I'm not worried about the length of it for spinning.

Is it just me or is the last month of school crazy? We haven't been home enough to clean up. Which leads me to another mystery, if you're never home, how can the house be so messy? And where are all those little cleaning fairies? Send one my way will ya? lol

I've been making some little things, nothing you haven't seen before. Got my order of wool blend felt from Felt-o-rama. Great service and I didn't get dinged at customs. My order was only about $30 with taxes and shipping, so I don't know if that made a difference. I'd recommend it if you are from canada. Still looking for a Canadian supplier though. Gnomes, I'm making gnomes. and the leaf pocket.

Oh, i made 2 gnomes from roving yesterday. Gave them away. Gonna make more to show you.

So, that's it from here. enjoying the sunshine and shade with the kids. Hopefully will have something crafty to share with you soon.

thanks for looking,


angelina said...

hi amanda, above you will find my favorite link to cleaning up sheep fleeces. it has already come up a charm! i think you scored a bargain! it just needs pulling apart and cleaning and drying now, then ready for stuffing. fun fun!
(and such good natural stuffing vs the poly junk...good on ya!)

love, angelina

Bailey said...

wow... that fleece doesn't look to nice. But once it gets cleaned, it will be great for stuffing... It will probably be really soft, too:D