Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bit of this and a clutch

I noticed my readership was up over the weekend. it's usually quiet here. So I'm blaming my followers and people who've dropped by from the giveaway. So thank you, welcome back.

It's been HOOOOOTTTTTT here. Kids in the sprinkler, going to the sailing club (it's always cooler by the lake) and lots of fruit. My sewing room is a sauna now. It's in the attic. I use any excuse to come downstairs to get things. Time to put in the A/C.

My weekend sewing consisted of a few wardrobe things for Neve. Nothing spectacular, just a making some tank tops smaller and adding a skirt on the bottom. Next up is to make some biker shorts to go underneath.

here's another ruffle clutch with key holder.

Here it is opened. oooh,

I have another in mind with some buttons.

And I have a sheep fleece on the lawn. yep, I bought a sheep fleece. A dirty, smelly, what am i gonna do with it sheep fleece straight of the sheep's back. Yep. What was I thinking? I have to read up a bit on how to wash it. I want to use it for stuffing when I start making more softies. anybody know how to wash a fleece without getting too close to it? har har

Thanks for looking,

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angelina said...

oh that's cute. i still havent sewn in a zipper....