Saturday, May 1, 2010

sheep shearing

Today, we attended the Riverdale Farm Rite of Spring for May Day celebrations. What a lovely time. It rained in the beginning, then the sun came out. It was one of those days you are appreciating as you go along.
We got to see the sheep being shorn. It was a sight to behold with the shearer using hand cranked clippers. The kids were lining up to take a turn. And the sheep was most patient.

She's pretty dirty on the outside, but look how purdy it is on the inside....

A nice pile building. They did 3 sheep for the morning.

There she is.. a nekked baaaa

Then the shearer made some little bracelets from the fleece with a drop spindle. He made it look so easy. Another little note, the wool looks yellow from the lanolin, but he took a little piece and dipped it in a puddle. It turned white. the lanolin washed off so easily.

Blogger only lets me put 5 photos per post (which is why I haven't been doing any tutorials, I need more than 5 pictures) so come back tomorrow to see our time with the wool guild and the kids spinning and carding.

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