Monday, April 26, 2010

Felted playscape

I've been admiring felted playscapes I've seen on other blogs like
this at Childhood Magic.

When I scored some purple wool felt in the ends bin, I just knew it would serve as the base.

It was nice to bring the items we've been collecting for our nature bowl into the playscape. I had this in mind when we collected them. We have some shells from Florida as well as the little seeds. They came from the palm trees at the marina. Then the felted stones, bunny and gnome.
For the garden colour, I carded a few different colours of roving with the raw sheep's wool to get that dirt look.

The cave started as the body of the bunny (Hopper) pictured in the scene, but I didn't wind it tight enough and it felt hollow. A few needle pokes and Voila, it became a cave. There's a little rubber frog they have that lives in the cave. He must have jumped out as I was transporting the scene.

Looking at this mat brings me the warm fuzzies. The kids and I were outside needle felting, singing and playing with playdo. We got cold, so put on some sweaters. A little later, we all gave in and decided to come inside as our hands were freezing. They continued to direct my felting to what they wanted the playscape to have. There is a big spot on top that is awaiting a mushroom house. It will hold the gnomes and other friends

Rafael has started the water on his playscape. We've broken 5 needles. I got more, but need to get a better sponge. I think that's why they broke. More to come on this project...
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Thank you so much for showing this to me! It is so beautiful and truly full of magic. I'll have to show my mother right away, she'll be thrilled that you found inspiration in her playscape.
Love it!

Bailey said...

love it! so cute!!:)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I love this! How beautiful!! Found you on Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions. What a great idea!

momma rae said...

it turned out beautifully!! this is still on my to-do list. thanks for edging me closer to making it happen one day soon! :0=)

Grace said...