Friday, April 2, 2010

baa baa brown sheep...

Did I score or what?

A woman at the parenting centre is an avid wool person. (yeah, it was sounding good, but I don't know what you call someone in this field). We got to talking and she brought me a little gift sized bag of wool and her carding brushes. (don't know the proper name for those either.) Because I enjoyed it and she is decluttering, she brought me this huge, I mean huge bag of wool.
This wool on the top has been carded on a drum carder.

I can't remember the name of the sheep. You can see some of the sunburn on the tips. I think it has been washed, but there are still bits of hay and other such stuff in it.

Alas, I'm going to be a good craftsperson and share some of the wealth with a few other moms from the parenting centre who balked at the big bag sitting there and wanted to get their hands on it as much as I did.

Then as I was walking home, my neighbour balked at the big bag. She spins her own wool and gave a great demo for the gaggle of kids that had collected on the sidewalk. Best thing, she's renting a drum carder next week and will share with me and teach me how to use it. So this may be a faster job than anticipated. Rafael spent over 30 minutes carding the wool to use as stuffing in his Betz bunny. I love that he is crafty. hope his future wife does. lol

And lastly, here's a book from the library that has a great section in the front on different needle felting techniques. I think I'll attempt to make a bigger animal with the wool as the sculpture base.

Oh fun times here. Now, if I wasn't spending the next 4 days singing at church.....
Happy Easter.


Bailey said...

Hi! I'm looking to try needle felting with that green felt wallet you gave me. My grandmother's friend does felting, and she said she'll probably be able to teach me sometime.

I'll like to see how that goes!

Well, hope you had a nice trip.:)

WoolPets said...

Lucky you to get that nice, big bag of wool! Can't wait to see what you make! Have fun!