Monday, April 19, 2010

Princess and the pea playset

First off, apologies for the poor photos. I took them in the back of the car while waiting for DH to come rescue me. More on that later.
Here is the princess and the Pea playset I got from the More Softies book. oops, the bag and tag I made for it....

Here it is with the mattresses and the pea.

And the princess. My goal was to give it with the book, but I didn't get out to look for one.

I will probably make up a few more of these sets and buy the books, but I think I will do the doll differently to make some string arms and legs. And not iron the mattresses after I line them with batting. it squishes the batting down to a non-fluffy mattress.

K, the car story. After church, I rush to the sailing club to pick up Rafael to take him to the bday party, get to the party, watch the pretty people play volleyball outside the building as I drive into the parking lot. On the high side of the sidewalk. Not the indented side for driving over. BANG!!! All the pretty people look over as I spin my tires to continue over the high part of the sidewalk. DRRAAAGGGG. I hear the scrape over the driveway. Get out, look under the car, don't see anything hanging. Take son into the party. As I come out, I notice something hanging from the front end of the car. Upon further inspection, it's a cover that is half off. The other half is screwed in real tight. I can't budge it. Then I notice the cover behind it is also looking a little crumpled. So I did what any damsel in distress would do. Called hubby to come. He came and took them off and I was on my way with only 1 hour, instead of 2, to do some damage at Fabricland. And that I did. There was a 40% off sale on almost everything. I didn't even go to the cotton fabric section. Just some tulle, jersey for a spinny dress I have in mind for Neve and found some purple wool felt in the remnant bin. DH thinks I should make a coat for Neve. I see a mat for a felted playset there instead. happy ending. Oh, I asked DH if he was worried when I called and said I had a problem. His response, " Well, how bad could it be? you weren't blubbering over the phone or anything!" God love him. So calm. I informed him that I probably wouldn't blubber. I would probably be yelling instead if it was anything bad. Touch wood, I don't know what I would be like in an unfortunate event.

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