Saturday, April 24, 2010

ruffle clutch

Here's the clutch that's been in my head. I happy with it, I have many more ideas to alter it a little here and there. So more to come.

Easy to make. I've been losing my little cork clutch from Portugal far too many times. I figure, if I use this clutch with a place to hook on my keys, I'm sure to have it with me..... yes? no?

With a matching clip of course... to come.

Peek a boo zipper. Had fun letting the kids find the zipper.

And here is the back. I had planned to line the clutch with the skull fabric, but couldn't figure out how to do it at time of sewing. I also measured the back piece incorrectly, so I added a new strip with the contrasting fabric as if I had meant it to be that way. of course. As I always say, "There are no mistakes, just opportunities for embellishment."

I think this design is all my own. (as in, it popped in my head while I wasn't looking at other people's work) I'm sure there are similar ones to it. But this is a base for many variances. Think I'll go play with that now...
thanks for looking,


Jenny said...

Amanda, I love this one! The pleats are really nice in the jean material! Love the flower too! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Whats the price for this? Contact me at