Thursday, April 22, 2010

sewing machine love

Hi there,
nothing to show you at the moment. But I have lovely news. I finally put my sewing machine in the shop. I've been borrowing my uncle's since October. (thanks a bunch) I had his tuned and fixed up and figured mine would be very expensive as it would only sew straight stitch. it wouldn't make a zigzag or anything else. And the tension was all wrong in the bobbin. Anyhow. Put mine in, it was cheaper than expected and I am happy to try it out tonight.

I'm working on adding trims to dance recital costumes. Neve is in a dance studio that is doing Wizard of Oz. So I volunteered to do some sewing. I'm in the land of green, fringe and sequins at the moment. But first, I must try to sew a clutch that is living in my head, screaming to come out. Let's hope it will look like I want it to....

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