Saturday, April 17, 2010

1st Communion Card

Oh. Ma. Gursh!!!! I made a card! I made a card! I can't tell you the last time I made a card.

It's for a 1st Communion. Stampin' up stuff. Here's the inside.

A QuicKutz impression plate and a First Communion stamp I bought years ago at a LSS.

And more great news... the sewing machine isn't busted. I was using the wrong bobbin. Thank goodness. It my uncle's machine that I had tuned up in January. I also took my machine in for an overhaul. Waiting for the estimate on that one, but the guy said it was a good machine. Maybe it will be worth the money to fix it. I bought it when I was doing my Masters. Dirt poor student. I bought it on a Sears credit card. How I got that is another story I'll put below. I don't know how much the interest was, but I paid only about 20 bucks a month on it and took me over 2 years to pay for it. How much do you think it really cost me?!!! lol

k, now the story of how I obtained a credit card... I left my home in Newfoundland that summer after finishing my undergrad in Nova Scotia. I had about $600 in my pocket and was on my way to London, Ontario to attend Western University of Ontario. I stopped in Ottawa for a week for a vocal workshop. While in a mall, I was stopped by the credit card lady. I told her I didn't have any address, any bank account or any income. She said to fill out the forms anyway, I could have free steak knives. ohh, I must have been weak. I filled out the form with my parent's address, I'm guessing, took the steak knives and somehow received the credit card. I still use those steak knives. It was worth it. :}

oi, nuff dredging up the past for me. Makes me shiver.

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