Sunday, February 7, 2010

yum-o break

Hubby has been busy in the kitchen this week.
One night I went to bed early with the smell of ribs boiling on the stove. i could just imagine the overnight marinade and the scrumptious ribs on the grill the next day. It didn't disappoint!
Then, I challenged him to make this no knead bread that I had at a neighbour's house last week. Well, he's made his 2nd loaf in 2 days. This time, whole wheat.
Yesterday, it went with a batch of homemade baked beans, Newfie style. Fills you up, full as an egg I tell ya.

And the latest in his canning, bottling phase is orange marmalade.

Yesterday, the house smelled so good with seville oranges. And the knife I used to cut the bread is the knife he used to cut some oranges. A bit of orange on bread is indeed a good thing.
So here's a snap of the marmalade on said bread.

Yes, some good eats have been happening here.....

thanks for drooling,

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Jenny said...

looks delicious! I'll definitely try to make some of the bread this week, oh...and did I tell you I LOVE marmalade? Was so sad when Marks and Spensor moved out of Canada! Photos are looking excellent too! Boy I'm full of compliments today! Keep up the good work!...hubby too!