Friday, February 26, 2010

500th post GIVE AWAY !!!!!!

This is my 500th post. Where has the time gone? I started as a paper crafter and ended up a sewing crafter. Just today, I was a felting crafter. I love to be versatile and put my oar in many waters.

So to celebrate, I am giving away 2 prizes. I'm showing 3, but giving away 2. I was only going to offer the skirt and car cozy, but then realized that the winner may not prefer a child's gift. So I added the wristlet as an option.
On with the show....
1st up is a teal/brown/black wristlet with butterfly details and whimsical polkadots. For this beauty, I followed the tutorial on
Two Peas in a Pod Designs

Next choice is a car cozy. I got the tutorial for this one at Homemade by Jill

Please note: cars are not included.

And the last choice is this awesome pom pom skirt

I'll have another post all of it's own for this skirt. Can't wait to make some more. I got the idea for this from Jessica at Oh So Happy Together

So there you go. Join me in celebrating 500 hundred posts. All you have to do is comment here. Tell me where you're from or how you found me or nada. Just a hi. I'll pick a winner next Thursday, March 4th. Please make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you, should you be one of the 2 winners.

thanks for looking on the 1 or two posts or the 500 of them. (right mom?)



Trish Preston said...

Just wanted to pop in and say congrats on 500 posts! Wow! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy 500 posts! I am Jeannine and am enjoying reading your blog and seeing the cool pics!

Jenny said...

Congratulations! I always knew you had a lot to say ;) Love to see your endless energy translate to crafty goodness! I would love the car caddy...truth be told I would love two or three of them...but I guess that's greedy? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, Just writing to say hello. 500 posts is pretty awesome; the readers should give you a gift for all the effort that goes into your blogs! Always enjoy looking at your crafty stuff - Selda

Bailey said...

Hi Aunt Amanda. Congratulations on your 500th post. I love the wrist-let and the pompom skirt; it looks TOO cute on little Neve. Hope to see some more of your creative STUFF. luv you. :)

BFine said...

Happy 500th! It's been wonderful to watch and be part of your creative journey. Here to 500 more!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

How adorable! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm glad to have followed you here to your sweet blog. I started out as a traditional fine artist; pencil, paint, etc. Now I've found myself fully absorbed into fiber. Needlefelting, felted sweaters, it's all good. Funny how your interests change (sometimes day to day). Happy 500!

Jen said...

500 posts! that's nothing to frown at - way to apply sticktoitiveness.

Caroline said...

Hey Amanda! I recognize the little model wearing the pom-pom skirt.

Congratualations. Wow--and I thought you were talented when you just made the beautiful paper crafts, but now you sew too.

Great site.